Update 18/4/2023   :   Hi, Many thanks for visting the site.
Unfortunately, due to overwhelming demand, I am unable to take on any more SLM Massage or Deep Tissue Massage clients, for the foreseeable future.

Sorry for any inconvenience.
Kind regards – Donna


SLM Bodywork Massage is best defined as, ‘manipulation of the body’s soft tissue using a unique combination of acupressure and massage techniques that put length and function back into the muscles and balance the body, allowing it to function normally’.

SLM is a hands on form of bodywork based largely on an ancient art of healing from the East. SLM bodywork is not just another form of massage but a powerful combination of techniques and knowledge that helps rid the body of pain and injury.

As an SLM Practitioner, Donna is trained to know how different muscles in the body are connected and how problems in one area can refer pain to a totally different area.

SLM Practitioners are also trained to recognise when a body requires attention to diet and/or exercise before it is likely to respond properly to bodywork. This combined knowledge that forms the basis of a more holistic approach to a problem, means SLM Bodywork is highly effective in the large majority of cases.

Why do we experience pain?

Through a variety of activities or just our lifestyle in general, the body tends to get ‘out of balance’. Often what starts out as a small problem, builds up over time and before you know it a chronic pain condition has surfaced and stayed or an acute injury happens out of nowhere

This original imbalance causes the muscles in the body to be loaded up unevenly, some having to work harder than they should carrying you through a day and some working less. In time the body starts compensating for this uneven state and you start to lose flexibility and gain weight. At some point in the body where the pressure from the imbalance is at it’s greatest you will invariably end up with chronic pain.

To fix pain you need to work at a deep structural level and remove any imbalance that is present. By removing the imbalance and taking away the compensations you return a body to how it was months or even years earlier, before the problem initially came about.

By fixing the imbalance you invariably fix the original cause of the problem and so the pain is often gone for good. The full body, deep tissue, incredibly effective SLM Bodywork techniques are one way you can safely achieve this.

The health, strength and suppleness of our body goes a long way to determine how significant this imbalance is and how easy or difficult it will be to remove. That is why a therapy shouldn’t just manipulate the body but look at ways, through diet, exercises and self treatment to make the body more responsive to the muscle work.

SLM for the average person

It doesn’t matter what your lifestyle, everyone has occasions when their body is in pain or a state of dysfunction. SLM bodywork is a fast and effective way of returning the body to it’s normal state whilst treating the cause of the problem so that it doesn’t return.

SLM for athletes and the physically active
At some stage or another most active people develop problems in their body. You can’t run a high performance motor car without servicing it, and the body is no different. The more we push our body the more likely problems will develop. By working on the whole body SLM Bodywork restores balance to the muscle groups and stimulates the flow of chi energy, blood and oxygen, helping to ensure that the body is maintained in the best possible condition and less likely to develop problems in the first place.
Can SLM Massage help me?
As you go about your daily activities, some joints and muscles have to work harder than they should and some work less. Over time the body starts compensating for this uneven state and you start to lose flexibility and often gain weight as your circulation slows. As the imbalance increases, at some point you will end up experiencing some pain. What starts out as a small problem, builds up over time and before you know it a chronic pain condition has surfaced, which can have a debilitating impact on your daily life.

Remedial massage concentrates more on relaxation and removing tension from the muscles whereas SLM Bodywork stimulates flaccid muscles through various nerve lines, restoring length and function to permanently contracted muscles, and it removes the muscles imbalances so pressure is released from the joints. SLM Bodywork works at a deep structural level, quite differently to a normal deep tissue or remedial massage. Most conventional treatments these days treat symptoms whereas as an SLM Bodywork, will get to the root of the problem, treat it and also advise on how to stop the problem coming back. SLM Bodywork is a fast and effective way of returning the body to its normal state with lasting results.

Donna at Healing Hands is the first SLM Practitioner in the whole of Ireland.

An SLM Massage treatment, lasts for 60 minutes and costs £45.


If you require any more information, please contact Donna directly on 07790 789036. Or simply fill out the form on our contact page
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