reflexology in northern irelandReflexology in Northern Ireland is increasing in popularity worldwide, this is due to its extraordinary effectiveness in maintaining good health as well as relieving all forms of physical and mental discomfort.

Its far reaching effects stem from the deep state of relaxation that creates space for the mind, body and soul to heal themselves.

The whole body can be mapped out onto the feet. Each part of the body corresponds with an area of the foot, these areas are called reflexes. By working on these reflexes we can affect the corresponding areas of the body, bringing the body back into balance, encouraging the body to heal itself.


You will remain fully clothed during this Reflexology in Northern Ireland treatment with only your feet uncovered while laying on a treatment couch. Reflexology treatments last approximately one hour and usually about six weekly sessions are recommended for optimum results. Thereafter a session once or twice a month will help maintain balance within the body.

Donna now offers a full range of Reflexology Treatments including Reflexology, Chinese Reflexology and Vertical Reflexology in three different locations.

The Joey Dunlop Leisure Centre   :  33 Garryduff Road, Ballymoney, BT53 7DB

The Complete Health Clinic   :  14 Causeway Street, Portrush, County Antrim, BT56 6AB

Donna’s Treatment Room   :   Fairhead View, Ballycastle

Some of the many benefits of Reflexology:

* Increases circulation
* Aids relaxation
* Allows specific areas of the body to be worked on indirectly
* Eliminates toxins and waste
* Reduces stress levels
* Rebalances hormones
* Can improve quality of sleep

A “Reflexology in Northern Ireland” treatment lasts for 60 minutes and costs 30.

If you require any more information, please contact Donna directly on 07790 789036. Or simply fill out the form on our contact page