If you are looking for the ultimate in relaxation and a healthier you, then you've come to the right place.

Holistic Massage in Ballycastle by Donna at Healing Hands provides you with a complete experience and treats your whole body, mind and spirit.

There are huge advantages to be gained through receiving a regular massage in Ballycastle treatment from a Registered Massage Therapist like Donna.

Whether your need is to enjoy a period of complete rejuvenation, feel the need to reduce a build-up of tension in the muscles, or receive some respite from a severe pain, a holistic deep-tissue massage can provide you with a feeling of physical and emotional contentment as well as drastically improving the quality of your life and just generally making you feel amazing.

The idea of ensuring that you take excellent care of your entire body, is something that should be high on your list of priorities. By including a regular therapeutic massage to regular day to day life, right now, will make you feel and look and generally be a lot healthier the foreseeable future. Stress relief in itself can drastically improve your levels of vitality and general well-being. So I really can think of a better way to ensure that you have a long, enjoyable life than a enjoyable, holistic massage?

Massage in Ballycastle is seemingly an extremely old healing traditions. Numerous civilisations around the world – including the Romans, Egyptians, the Ancient Greeks and the Indians – all were completely convinced of the intense healing and therapeutic properties of regular massage were widely known to have used it to try to ease a wide number of ailments.

Regular Massage therapy can also benefits both the young and old. Whilst it can also help the injured, the unwell and those who are suffering from severe stress, the healing poweres of massage treatments in helping to prevent illness and numerous other conditions, before they get a chance to increase, cannot be overlooked. Massage in Ballycastle can also be used to treat anxiety and other stress related conditions.

Massage in Ballycastle” is one of the most popular therapies available. The massage encourages the body’s ability to heal itself, due to the massage therapist’s abilities stroking, kneading and manipulating the client’s body with an indepth knowledge of the underlationstanding of the of the human anatomy.

All massages that Donna provides involve touch, which is a vital feeling linked to love, comfort and emotional wellbeing. Children especially require a warm loving environment, including touching and rubbing to allow them to grow and thrive in a natural way, and touch has also been connected to managing stress and providing deep relaxatiassagingon in the adult population.

When a healing touch is administered to the skin, your nervous system sends messages to the brain to encourage the body to relax and release endorphins, the body’s feel-good factor or natural painkillers. Massaging the bodies muscles ligaments and body tissues, can also be a huge help in working out any stiffness that is being held in the body or tension, that with out knowing, has been stored in the body, therefore once this is removed it allows us to improve flexibility and movement.

Massage in Ballycastle is also extremely beneficial for encouraging the lymphatic system, to function better to increase the effectiveness of the immune system and allow you to easily dispose of toxins in the body.It is vital that massage therapy is always completed by a qualified massage therapist. It is also not advisable for people who are suffering from any kind of open wound, broken or fractured bones, osteoporosis or blood clots to receive any kind of massage therapy.

Please feel free to contact Donna or book a treatment, Donna works at home in her own treatment room in Ballycastle


If you require any more information, please contact Donna directly on 07790 789036. Or simply fill out the form on our contact page
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