Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder effects at least 10 percent of our children. I am told ADHD has been accepted as a genetic disorder, although no one really knows the cause.

Common symptoms can include (just listing a few) fidgeting, fear of sleep and often wakes up crying or unable to go back to sleep, excessive talking, impulsive actions, not able to follow directions, tendency toward daydreaming, very short attention span and poor hand eye coordination.  There are many kinds of treatment for ADHD.

Some of the most conventional treatments include occupational and play therapy, remedial practice, speech therapy and educational therapy. A few holistic approaches that have been shown to work include supplementation, diet intervention, reflexology and homeopathy. Reflexology is an art and a science. A reflexologist works reflex points on the feet, hands and ears that represent the body in miniature.

Does Your Child Have ADHD – Reflexology Can Help

The nerve pathways in each foot create an energetic and electrochemical flow that communicate with the entire nervous system. Each reflex point connects with a specific organ, gland or body part.

Through the application of pressure using specific thumb and fingers techniques reflexology connects with the peripheral nervous system and encourages the body to relax. So why can this technique be so helpful to children? Reflexology is beneficial to children because they are still attuned to nature and their natural instincts tell them this can be a correct way to find healing for many ailments they may encounter.

Does Your Child Have ADHD  – The Facts

I have worked with children for a various complaints and they have always benefited from a reflexology session. When I push a reflex that is really an ouch spot, they will flinch a bit, but usually encourage me to work the spot more.

Children can learn to use the natural healing forces of reflexology to relieve pain from many sources in minutes, such as headaches, nervous tension and tummy aches. Interested in learning more about how reflexology can benefit your child?

I invite you to stop and rest for a short time on your journey of life, place your soles in my hands and experience deep relaxation while you learn the many healing benefits of reflexology.


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