Being pregnant is a physically demanding time as your body works, grows and expands to create the new life inside of you. Some even say that every day you are pregnant, your body does the work equivalent to running a marathon… on top of your other daily responsibilities. Now, more so than ever before in your life, it is pertinent to take the best care of yourself as possible, for your baby’s sake, as well as to prevent any post-partum complications.

Thankfully, there is an all natural, drug-free tool to help you through the challenges pregnancy brings. Even better? This tool has even been proven to drastically reduce labour times. Maternity Reflexology is excellent in helping you deal with the ups and downs you face through your pregnancy.

During Pregnancy, reflexology has been proven effective to:
1. Prevent and decrease severity of morning sickness
2. Reduce Edema (swelling of the feet and ankles)
3. Help lower high blood pressure
4. Reduce back, hip and leg pain
5. Control mood swings
6. Prevent and reduce the severity of heartburn
7. Reduce breast tenderness
8. Drastically reduce labor times, with regular sessions received throughout pregnancy
9. Prevent insomnia caused by anxiety, pain and discomfort
10. Reduce cravings and food aversions
11. Increase success rates of having a natural, drug-free labor
12. Promote relaxation and a general sense of wellbeing
13. Prevent and reduce the severity of constipation

As well, many women report that their Maternity Reflexology sessions help to put them in touch, and keep them in tune, with their changing bodies and their baby. Plus, it just feels good.

 And you deserve a treat! Regular sessions are recommended – ideally once a week – but let’s face it, time and money are of the essence. You will reap the same benefits with sessions once or twice a month.


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