Foot reflexology is one of the most natural and beneficial healthcare modalities in the world, especially used throughout China, Southeast Asia and India, where half the world’s population lives. Reflexology has been practiced in China for centuries. Today, it is regarded as a national health modality.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, foot reflexology can help people maintain wellness; supports a variety of common health conditions; and fortifies the blood and accelerates its flow throughout the body. In other words, foot reflexology is both a holistic and preventive health modality.

Holistically, it covers the entire human body and works on every system: nervous, skeletal, muscular, integumentary, respiratory, circulatory, endocrine, lymphatic, urinary, digestive and reproductive. Working on the 11 systems in an orderly manner circulates the blood, stimulates the nerves, detoxifies the cells and maximizes the body’s own healing potential.

As a preventive modality, reflexology can detect imbalances and abnormalities in the body long before they are visible to the naked eye, simply because it works on the cellular level where most health issues first arise. It reverses imbalances in the organs or glands to their natural state — homeostasis. All this is done without the use of drugs, machines or abrasive procedures; the techniques involve only the use of the hands, fingers and thumbs.

Finally, foot reflexology is suitable for everyone — babies, children, adults and especially the elderly. Even though the body begins to decline as we get older, reflexology can help maintain the energy at a much higher level. It requires no special place or special equipment. It calls only for taking off one’s shoes and socks.


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